Trinavarta katha

 Topics covered:

SB 10.7: The Killing of the Demon Tṛṇāvarta

  • Utthaana ceremony.
  • Sri Krishna starts to turn over.
  • Brahmanas were invited for chanting prayers and yajna.
  • Yasoda placed the Lord on her lap and soon baby Krishna was falling asleep.
  • Left Krishna under a household handcart.
  • Krishna started crying as he wanted to drink milk.
  • Sakatasura delivered.
  • In anger he used his small legs and kicked the cart which was actually a demon – Sakatasura.
  • Everything broke and got scattered.
  • Did not assume any special force.
  • Yasoda thought it was due to the effect of some bad planets.
  • Ceremony for the Lord.
  • Bathing of the Lord immediately after the incident.
  • Feeding of Brahmanas was done with nice preparations.
  • Charity was given to brahmanas who were also powerful yogis.
  • Brahmanas were invited to conduct yajna.
  • One day, Yasoda was patting Krishna whilst on her lap and all of a sudden he started getting heavier.
  • Thought perhaps He was being attacked by ghosts.
  • Called brahmanas and prayed to Narayana.
  • Trnavarta appears.
  • Krishna became very light suddenly and was lifted from the ground.
  • Everyone was frantically searching for Krishna.
  • Trnavarta brought the Lord higher and higher by his mystic yoga siddhi.
  • Lord Krishna became too heavy but he was enjoying the ride.
  • Krishna caught hold of the asura’s neck and choked him to his death.
  • Deliverance of Trnavarta.
  • Trnavarta was choked to death and killed..
  • Gopis came and brought Krishna to Yasoda.

Lessions to be learned:

  • Process of hearing – Associate with the Lord by hearing with faith cleansing our heart.
  • Process of reviving Krishna consciousness.
  • Yajna for Kali Yuga.
  • Evolve to the transcendental nature.
  • Higher you go the harder you fall.

Esoteric and simbolic meaninig:

  • Trnavarta represents false pride from material scholarships which lead to bogus philosophies.
  • Asura represents carrying a cart of old and new bad habits.

Trinavarta represents the false pride produced by useless scholarship, which gives rise to wrangling debates and arguments, dry reasoning and dry logical indulgences in the association of people who are attached to such things. It produces controversy which is disloyal to the path of pure bhakti, such as Mayavada and Buddhism. It is the breeding place of demoniac, sinful philosophies.

Lord Krishna becomes moved by the humility of His devotees, who carefully avoid this fault, and He strangles the demon and removes the thorn from His devotees’ endeavours in devotional service.