Narada Muni story: Punishing the Evil: Kamsa

Narada Muni story: Punishing the Evil: Kamsa

Sometimes Narada’s remarks outwardly looked like scandalous gossip. But it was his intention that evildoers should merit punishment and the virtuous are fittingly rewarded. We may for instance look at the episode of Kamsa. Kamsa was a cruel king. He, along with his like-minded

‘Rakshasas’, used to torture people. His sister Devaki got married to Vasudeva. Then an invisible voico said: “0 Kamsa, you shall meet your end at the hands of the eighth child of Devaki.” Kamsa’s anger knew no bounds. At once he took out his sword and rushed to kill Devaki. Vasudeva begged him not to kill her. He assured Kamsa that he would handover to -his custody all the children born to Devaki. Kamsa left Devaki unharmed.

Later Narada met Kamsa in secrecy and said: “0 Kamsa, the angels have conspired to kill you. Your father Ugrasena, Devaki, and Vasudeva – all these people have joined hands with the angels. You are after all a ‘rakshasa’, a demon. Don’t you know that the angels and the rakshasas are sworn enemies?” On hearing this Kamsa was outraged. Immediately he imprisoned Devaki and his father Ugrasena, and declared that thereafter he was

the king of that state.

One wonders why Narada stooped to such tale bearing. But he had a noble purpose. He knew that it was only when the cup of evil was filled to the brim that the wicked will attract punishment. Kamsa’s cruel acts came in quick succession. He sent an army of ‘rakshasas’ to kill Sri Krishna who

was then a little boy in Nandagokula. All of them met their end. Soon Lord Krishna found enough justification for killing Kamsa, and did so.