Krishna story: We should not poke our nose in other’s affairs!

Krishna story: We should not poke our nose in other’s affairs!

In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna praises only one personality and that is King Janaka.

Sita matha is the daughter of King Janaka and she got married to Lord Rama.

After getting married to Lord Rama, she has undergone so many tribulations.

She went to the forest with Lord Rama and undergone so many sufferings.

Then when they came to back Ayodhya again after some years, she was sent to the forest.

She was brought up with so much of love in Mithila.

The father of a daughter will become so much anxious when his daughter is suffering too much in her in-law’s house.

But Janaka never asked Rama or Dasarata, why these things are happening.

In no place Janaka interfered in the family affairs of Sita Matha.

Moral of the story:

We should not poke our nose in other’s affairs especially in the daughter’s family.

Rama appreciates this quality of Janaka, within His heart.

As Rama, He couldn’t glorify Janaka but as Krishna he glorified Janaka very nicely.

“We should not become too intimate with our relationship. Too much intimacy always results in problems. We should have a good working relationship with everybody.”

If our relationship with other living entity is completely strained, our mind keeps on pondering over the same thing. Then we will not have peaceful time to do devotional service.

A simple person does not poke his nose in others affairs unnecessarily: We always have the urge to poke our nose in everybody’s affair. But it creates too much agitation to other living entities. We should understand people generally don’t like advice.