Yayati gita katha

Topics covered:

SB 9.18: King Yayāti Regains His Youth

  • Hearing Srimad Bhagavatam destroys material bondage
  • The quarrel between Devayani  and Sharmishta
  • Astrological compatibility and vedicmarriages
  • Yayati cursed to suffer premature old age
  • Yayati ask his sons to trade youth for old age
  • Puruaccepts his fathers old age aand invalidity
  • Happiness depends on mind and sense purification

SB 9.19: King Yayāti Achieves Liberation

  • The allegory of the he – goat and she goat
  • When family life is a dark well
  • The advanced spiritualist is uninterested in sex
  • Suffering in the cycle of repeated birth and death
  • Devayani attains liberation by the grace of her husband

Lessons to be learned:

  • Highest perfection of life is if one hears Srimad-Bhagavatam
  • Relationship as husband and wife has been made possible by providence
  • The parents would consider the horoscopes of the boy and girl who were to be married
  • We should completely depend on the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead
  • We shouldfell down at the feet of guru and satisfied him
  • The duty of a ksatriya – protection of people
  • Sex and sense gratification can be controlled
  • Unless one enjoys material happiness one cannot attain renunciation
  • If one attains devotional service he is certainly liberated
  • Unless one fully satisfies lusty desires in youth there is a chance of one’s being disturbed in rendering service to the Lord
  • The flickering youth is not eternal
  • Important human body is obtained by the grace of the father
  • The best father is one who trains his child in Krsna consciousness
  • If a son is an obedient devotee of the Lord he is called putra, or a real son
  • If son he is not learned and is not a devotee he is nothing better than urine – mutra
  • One may enjoy the senses for many thousands of years, but unless one purifies the senses, one cannot be happy