Vrindavan story: Tulasidas and his God – brother visit to Vrindavan!

Vrindavan story: Tulasidas and his God – brother visit to Vrindavan!

Once a devotee of Lord Rama named Tulasidas came to Vrindaban, but was not happy seeing Lord Krsna in the temple holding a flute.

Wherever he went to Vrindaban, he saw Krsna holding a flute; hence he thought, “Lord, I will pay my obeisance to You only when I see You holding a bow and arrow.”

The Lord wanted to fulfill His devotee’s desire and prove He is the Supreme Lord, so He instantly transformed Himself into His Rama form holding a bow and arrow.

After seeing Lord Krsna in Lord Rama form, he paid his homage and returned to his place in Ayodhya.

Tulasidas found that his God – brother also wanted to visit Vrindaban, but forbade him saying, “You can go anywhere except Vrindaban.”

But the mind always wants to investigate unknown knowledge first, even if it is forbidden, which is why while on pilgrimage, Tulasidas’s god-brother went to Vrindaban first.

There he saw Lord Govinda holding His flute and said, “All holy places are here in Vrindaban. I will not go anywhere else.

I will stay here and serve Lord Govinda only.” Tulasidas found out his god-brother had become immersed in serving Lord Govinda, so he wrote him a letter asking, kya kami raghunatha main chodadini hai bhan, “What is lacking in Lord Rama that you have given up serving Him?”

His god- brother replied, man mera pagal hua suna murali ki tan, “My mind is completely captivated by the sound emanating from Lord Govinda’s flute.”

Moral of the story:

Krishna always manifest according mood and desires of devotee.

Visnu Purana says:

yatha nimnagam ganga devanam vasavah tatha
vaisnavanam yatha sambhu granthanam bhagavatottamah

“Just as the Ganges is the best river among all rivers, similarly among all gods Lord Visnu is the best. Just as Lord Siva is the best devotee among all the Lord’s devotees, similarly among all scriptures in the world Srimad Bhagavatam is the best.”

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

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