Vrindavan story: Kamsa become old lady in Vrindavan

Vrindavan story: Kamsa become old lady in Vrindavan

One day Kamsa thought that this boy Krsna is killing all my friends. Every demon i send i immediatly killed by Krishna.So now I will go and kill Krsna myself.

Thinking like this that Kamsa came to Vrndavana. So from Mathura when you come to Vrndavana there is an area which is near the place called Badarikashrama, so Kamsa entered there and he saw there is an old lady and there are some young cowherd girls.

So Kamsa asked the old lady: “Can you please tell me where the house of Nanda Maharaja is?”

So this old lady said: “Oh! you want to see the house of Nanda Maharaja? Come, I will show you.”

Saying that she grabbed Kamsa by his hair. Actually the ksatriyas used to keep long hair. It works as a kind of a helmet. Like the sikhs today wear that, they are actually ksatriyas.So they keep their long hair and they make a knot above their head with a turban used as a shock absorber; so Kamsa had that, she slapped Kamsa’s head and let the turban fly, then she grabbed Kamsa by his hair and picked him up and dunked him in a pond, in the water.

Kamsa became an old lady, when she pulled Kamsa up, Kamsa was an old lady, he could not stand straight, his body became wrinkled, and all the cowherd girls started laughing seeing the transformation.

The old lady is Yogamaya, Purnamasi. So Purnamasi told the girls, so now you try to engage him in some service. We got a newcomer here in Vrndavan so you engage him in some service.

So the cowherd girls said she is so old what she will do?

She is good for nothing. So then they felt that maybe this useless woman can do one thing, she can make some cow dung cakes.

This cow dung cake is very easy to make and very useful. In Vrndavana there are many many cows so plenty of cow dung; so they take the cow dung and slap it against the wall so it sticks on the wall and it becomes baked by sun and they use it for cooking. In Bengali it is called gobar.

So they said then at least maybe she can make some gobar, cow dung cakes.

But this old lady was useless, she could not even make some cow dung cakes, she tried to lift up the cow down, but by the time she slapped it , it all got scattered, it did not stick on the wall.

They all started laughing at first and when they tried to teach her and she could not learn, they told her that you get out of here, you are good for nothing.

The gopis, the cowherd damsels of Vrndavana started telling her you seem to be a trespasser in Vrndavana, you can’t stay in Vrndavana, and you are not fit to stay in Vrndavana.

They started to harass her, so this old lady namely Kamsa, was so distressed, she started crying and telling Purnamasi: “Please let me go let me go! I will never come back.”

Purnamasi grabbed her by her hair again dunked her in the water again, she got back her form as Kamsa and she told him: “Now go.”

He ran for his life and he took a vow that he will come back to Vrndavana.

Moral of the story:

This way unless or until one is qualified one cannot enter into Vrndavana. In order to enter into Vrndavana, one must have complete faith in Krishna and his associates. They can show us entrance in Vrindavan – Land of Krishna. So Vrndavana is the land of faith.

Source of the story ( Bhakti Caaru Swami narated her in seminar on Krishnas Vrindavan pastimes)

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