Vitalla removed torn from feet of Tukaram’s wife

Vitalla removed torn from feet of Tukaram’s wife

Tukoba had  a practice to climb Bhandara hill and sit there for meditation.

However, after having gone there, he would not come back home.

Jijai had made it a practice to offer food to him first before having hers.

She used to take his food in a basket, climb the hill, feed him and then have her lunch.

Once, while climbing Bhandara, she got tired and large thorn pricked her.

She fell down with pain and started to weep.

Lord Panduranga took pity on her, He arrived there in Sagun form as a shepherd, removed the thorn from her foot, helped her to get up and then left.

After having met Tukoba, she narrated the event to him, Tukoba realized that, Panduranga had taken trouble for him.

Therefore, thereafter, he started to come home for lunch, so as not to trouble Panduranga.