Tukaram wife doing Lakshmi puja

One day when Tuka came home Jija was performing Lakshmi Pooja at home. He asked her what she was doing and she replied that she was doing pooja for Rukmani. He then asked her what the occasion today was and why she was suddenly doing this. Jija then told him that some... read more

Shivaji listening kirtan of Tukaram

One Ekadasi day, Tuka was performing kirtans and Shivaji was listening to it with love. In the meantime Muslim soldiers heard about the whereabouts of Shivaji and a big troop of 2000 soldiers came to arrest him. They surrounded the house in which bhajans were... read more

Tukaram get’s a job

One day as usual Tukarams shop was looted by miscreants as he had left it open and left with a group of pilgrims to Pandharpur. His wife then gave him some jewels and asked him to mortgage the same to get stocks for his provision stores. He mortgaged the jewels... read more

Tukaram trowing his abangas in river

Tuka used to sing abhangs everyday and a lot of Sadhus and baghavathas would come to listen and participate in this. Whoever came for the kirtans went back with heart filled with love and affection towards Vitthobha. There was a person by name Rameshwara Bhatt in... read more

Tukaram rejects Shivajis gold

Sant Samartha Ramadass and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj were Tukaram’s contemporaries. Sant Ramdass had also herd about him and had asked Shivaji to meet Tukaram if he happens to visit Dehu. As his guru had asked him to meet Tukaram, Shivaji then decided to met... read more

Tukaram bring death child to live

Lohagaon (लोहगाव), a small village, is 13 km away from Pune. Lohagaon happened to be Tukoba’s maternal grandfather’s hometown. Therefore, Tukoba used to frequently visit Lohagaon and deliver religious discourses there. A sizable number of residents of Lohagaon were... read more

Tukaram covered his ears not to listen!

Now Tukoba had come to a firm conclusion that the only way to liberation was ShriHari namasmarana (नामस्मरण, continuously chanting the holy name of ShriHari). His fame had spread far and wide, however, he was neither bothered nor aware of it. A brahmin from a distant... read more

Tukaram see Rukmini in a lady

There was a beautiful lady in Dehu was attracted towards Tukaram. Tuka would usually be singing abhangs with out looking around who is watching him and would sing till dawn. One day, this lady came to the place where Tuka was singing just before dawn and sat down in... read more

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