Steps for organizing Bhagavatam katha

Steps for organizing Bhagavatam katha:

Once you decide to invite us to perform Bhagavatam saptaha at event you are organizing there are few things to be managed for the successful completion of project.

Here are the guidelines:

1. Send us katha registration form that is on our web page: and give us more detail information’s about organization of the katha.

2. We will send you a reply within 7 days.

3. Organization of our travel to katha event and accommodation at the katha performance.
( We try to be simple as much we can and not require some special treatment but there are few things which we need in order to come to you )

Cover of travel expenditure for minimum of 3 persons to the place where the katha is performed ( katha speaker – Madhucchanda das, bhajan singer – Ojasvi das and technikal manager of project – Baddha – setu das) and accommodation for us. We are holders of Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian passports so for some countries there will be need of recommendation letter so we can get proper religious visa.

4. At the end we provide you with materials for katha invitation in electronic format so you can print or share information on your web page, Facebook or any other media.

5. Finally katha is to be performed for the pleasure and benefit of all!