Ravana story: Ravana meet Vamana!

Ravana story: Ravana meet Vamana!

After taking away everything from Bali Lord Vamana become servant of Bali Maharaj

He stood, as a servant, with the Gada in His hand.

It is said that Bali’s palace in Sutal Loka, had twelve entrances. Ravana once went, to fight Bali.

Nobody obstructed his path.

When he reached Bali’s door, he found a dwarf guarding the entrance, with a gada in his hand.

He saw the same Vamana guard every entrance he went to.

Amazed, he asked, “Who are you, to stop me from entering?”

Vamana replied that this was not the right time for him to enter.

Ravana threatened to physically lift, and throw Vamana aside.

Hearing this, the Lord pushed Ravana with the toes of His left foot.

Ravana was thrown from Sutal Loka to Lanka. He never again attempted to face Bali.

Moral of the story:

This story shows that no matter how many vicissitudes come into the life of a person who does bhajan of the Lord, he ultimately gets everything.

By the Lord’s Grace, Bali got glory, luxury, protection, satsang, and also the position which had been taken away.