Ramayana story: Surya and Moon desire to see Lord Rama!

Ramayana story: Surya and Moon desire to see Lord Rama!
When Lord Ram killed Ravan and handed over the Lanka kingdom to Sri Vibhisan, everywhere it was joy and gaiety, Lord Ram decided to return to Shri Ayodhya puri with his confident companions and friends.
When Lord Rama reached Ayodhya, it was celeberation all over,after all for the residents of Ayodhya Lord Ram was not just a King but He was their LIFE and SOUL,for them each moment was like a 12 year span, they did not enjoyed any luxury, sacrificing all the comfort because their Supreme father was in exile.
So when they got the news they forgot themselves, the entire Ayodha was jubilant, not only the people but also the demigods were celebrating the moment.
At that time Sun God was about to set , when He saw the All Attractive and All Pleasing Lord Ram He was so much attracted that he just stood gazing and felt in trance and forgot that it was his setting time.
In this way a month passed away and it was day all over and people were so much enjoying the celebration that they did not feel that a month has passed ,they never wanted this celebration to end, and on the other side the moon god was nervous and impatient to have darshan of Lord Ram.
Lord Ram was just smiling at all this.
Only He knew that 30 days have passed, sun god came to his consciousness and hurriedly left on his chariot toward west,and by the mercy of Lord that 30 day duration just turned into a 24 hours duration day, and no one felt it.
Lord was about to proceed toward His palace, and up in the sky the moon god was very sad and pale, because He missed this spellbound Lila of Lord Ram.
Lord Ram knew the desire of moon god, so He asked what was the matter ?
At this, Moon,replied “My Lord what sin I have done that everyone else enjoyed your arrival except me, you are Karunasindhu, and equal to all, then why sun got opportunity to have your darshan and why not me?”.
At this Lord Ram replied”My dear Moon,I know your wish. Don’t lament I will certainly fulfil your desire, but not this time, In my next incarnation, as Krishna, I will appear on FULL MOON day,and then you can satisfy your desire by enjoying my ALL Attractive and All Pleasing appearance, and also you will be glorified.”
Moral of the story:
Just see how merciful Lord is..!!  He cares even for a small wish of His devotees, and fulfills it by all means, isn’t it astonishing to see the Supreme Personality of Godhead caring for His Devotees wish?
Lord Ram came in Suryavanshi kul, where as Lord Krishna appeared in Chandravansh!!!!!!! what a mercy!!!!!!.

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Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

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