Ramayana story: Permission for Rama from his mother!

Ramayana story: Permission for Rama from his mother!

In the Swayamwar of Sita, Vishwamitra asked Ram to try to pick up and break the bow.

Ram first bowed down to the bow and then only did He pick it up and break it.

So as per the rules of the Swayamwar, Sita came to accept Him as Her husband and put a garland round His neck.

However, Ram refused to bow down to accept the garland because He thought that I need my mother’s permission first and her approval of Sita before I can accept Sita.

Vishwamitra hastily came up to Ram and told Him that I had asked your mother and she happily approved of Sita.

Only then did Lord Ram accept Sita.

Each step of Lord Ram, each move, each word, each thought was filled with Maryada. He was Maryada Purushottam.

He gave us many examples on how we should live our lives, but how many of us are following His example???

Sri Sri Sita Ram Ki Jai!!!