Ramayana Lila: Lakshman never saw face of Sita!

Ramayana Lila: Lakshman never saw face of Sita!

When Ravana took Mother Sita, she threw her jewellery on the ground so Lord Ram would find it.

When Lord Ram found it, He showed it to Lakshmana.

He showed the ring, the bracelet, the necklace but Lakshmana did not recognize any of it!!!

But when He showed Him the Nupur of the Feet, Lakshmana recognized it immediately.


Lakshmana said I have never looked at Mother Sita all my life. I have only looked at Her Lotus Feet……….and that is why He only recognized the Nupur.

Such was the Maryada! Such was the respect!

We must always remember that these examples were given to us so we can also follow them in our lives.

We must learn to live by the ideals that were shown to us by Gods who came in the form of humans to guide us.

Jai Jai Sri Sita Ram Lakshman!!!