Rama katha

 Topics covered:

SB 9.10: The Pastimes of the Supreme Lord, Rāmacandra

  • The Supreme Lord expands into many incarnation.
  • Rāmacandras father exiles Him to the forest.
  • Why the Lords punishment through nature is necessary.
  • Lord Rāmacandra proves his omnipotence.
  • Transcendental versus material strenght and power.
  • The end of the demon Ravana.
  • The path of saintly feminine behavior.
  • Lord Rāmacandra triumohant return to Ayodya.
  • A futile hope: The kingdom of God without God.
  • Krishna is available in the form of His name.

SB 9.11: Lord Rāmacandra Rules the World

  • Serving the Supreme Lord to gain material profit.
  • Emotions in the spiritual world.
  • Why the Lord performs uncommon pastimes.
  • Executing the order of the Supreme Personality.
  • The opulences of the city of Ayodya during the lords reign.