Pracetās katha



Topics covered:

SB 4.30: The Activities of the Pracetās

  • ThePracetās satisfy Lord Vishnu
  • Description of the body and the Lord
  • The Lord addresses thePracetās
  • The daughter born of Pramloca and Kandu
  • Special facilities given toPracetās
  • Devotees feel fresh and new in their activities
  • Prayers of thePracetās
  • The Lords existence is completly independent
  • The Lord is witness of all activites
  • The deity expansion of the Lord
  • The lord is celebrated by the name Ananta
  • Association with pure devotees
  • Devotees purify places of pilgrimage
  • The Lord is known as Vasudeva
  • The Pracetas wish to make the earth treeless
  • The birth of Daksha


SB 4.31: Nārada Instructs the Pracetās

  • The Pracetas leave home
  • Narada comes to see the Pracetas
  • Naradas instruction to the Pracetas
  • Three kinds of human births
  • The goal of all auspicious activities
  • Everything emanates from the Supreme Lord
  • The Lord is the supersoul of all beings
  • The Lord relishes the activities of the devotees
  • The Pracetas go back to Godhead

Sruti phala – Fruit of hearing:

SB 4.31.31 — O King, those who hear these topics about kings who are completely surrendered to the Supreme Personality of Godhead obtain without difficulty a long life, wealth, good reputation, good fortune and, ultimately, the opportunity to return home, back to Godhead.