Narada Muni story: Perfect picture of Krishna

Narada Muni story: Perfect picture of Krishna

One day Krishna was seeting in Dvaraka and was discussing with Narada Muni some spiritual subject matters.

At that time Krishna was approach from artist who has painted picture of Krishna. Artist wanted to
present picture of Krishna to Krishna.

Krishna look at this picture and said: My dear artist this picture is not so good! Look at me see
the difference and paint it again.

Artist look at Krishna and now could notice few difference. So he went away and painted new picture. He come again.

This time Krishna again told him the same. This repited few times and picture was never complete.

The artist was becoming desperate,

Finally Narada Muni become very compassionate to the artist. He took him away and told him: If you want to make perfect picture of Krishna you cannot paint like this. He is at every moment new and new, more beautiful and more beautiful.

You just go at market and buy some mirror, present that to Krishna.

The artist followed instruction of Narada Muni. And he come with present for Krishna.

Krishna opened the present and look at mirror.

Krishna was very pleased by what was seeing.

He said to artist: Thank you! This is perfect picture!

( source unknown )

Moral of the story:

When our hearth become clean by chanting Krishna’s holy names only then we can see beautiful form of Krishna inside!