Narada Muni story: Never Be Jealous

Narada Muni story: Never Be Jealous

There was a popular musician named Tumbaru. He was an amazing singer and sometimes described as the best of singers in Hindu mythology. He is described as the son of sage Kashyapa and his wife Pradha.

Once Narada and Tumbaru went to Vaikuntha (the abode of Lord Vishnu). Tumbaru sang in front of the lord Vishnu. Lord became pleased and gifted precious ornaments to Tumbaru. Narada, the prime devotee of Lord Vishnu became jealous of Tumbaru.

Out of the jealousy, he decided to please Lord Vishnu by his singing. Narada’s voice was not very good. He learnt how to sing and sang in front of the Lord Vishnu but Lord didn’t feel that joy in His heart by Narada’s singing.

Narada performed hard devout to please Lord Shiva and asked a boon to become an expert singer. Pleased with Narada’s penance Shiva granted him the boon. Narada again went to Lord Vishnu and sang but his singing could not satisfy the Lord.

Narada worked very hard for thousand of years. But his singing couldn’t please Lord Vishnu.

Ultimately, thinking beyond the jealousy, Narada went to Tumbaru and asked to teach him how to sing. Tumbaru taught him. Narada then sang in front of Lord Vishnu in Dwarka. Lord became extremely pleased and gifted him clothes and ornaments as rewards.

“Never be jealous. Jealousy is a waste of time.”
“Strive to learn from those who are better than us.”