Maharaja Parikshit katha

Topics covered

SB 1.12: Birth of Emperor Parīkṣit

  • The attemt to slaughter Uttaras unborn child
  • Lord Krishna saves Parikshit from death in the womb
  • Parikshit, in the womb , sees the Lord
  • Planetary influences at the time of birth
  • Divine personal protection
  • Arjuna, the hero of bhagavad – gita
  • Only Krishna couscious leaders are competent
  • Even a child can be educated to see God
  • Pleasing Krishna destroys sinful reactions

SB 1.16: How Parīkṣit Received the Age of Kali

  • The reign of Maharaja Parikshit
  • His world tour
  • His attempt to exterminate Kali
  • The principles of cow protection
  • Cow -killing a great drawback
  • Degradation in the age of kali
  • Lord Krishnas transcendental attributes
  • Lord Krishna attractive even for the goddess of fortune
  • The delightful earth during the Lords presence


SB 1.17: Punishment and Reward of Kali

  • Maharaja parikshit meets the pretender Kali
  • The bull, symbol of religion
  • Cow the source of religious principles
  • Cow – killing goverment condemned
  • The bull is an offenseless and hones species
  • The states duty toward the offenseless and the offenders
  • The philosophy of wrongdoer
  • The pillars and killers of religiosity
  • Earths bereavement
  • A strong king can adjust earthly disorders
  • Consequences of an impious goverment
  • Specified spots for sinful activities
  • Ideal leaders of social welfare
  • Diplomacy in fighting evil
  • Spiritual movements and state support


SB 1.18: Mahārāja Parīkṣit Cursed by a Brāhmaṇa Boy

  • Accepting the spiritual master
  • Checking the evil
  • A special concession for the fallen age
  • A feasible sacrifice in the age of kali
  • Sri Krishna, the unlimited
  • Practical salvation
  • Significance of the unlimited
  • The story of Maharaja Parikshit
  • The angry king
  • The Lords special mercy
  • Caste malice
  • The puffed – up brahmana boy
  • The result of destroying monarchy