Mahabharata story: Krishna’s concern for the Devotees – Bhisma, Draupadi and Krishna

Mahabharata story: Krishna’s concern for the Devotees – Bhisma, Draupadi and Krishna

On the ninth day of Mahabharata war, Duryodhana approached Bhishma in his camp. He was suspicious of the grandsire’s dedication to the fight. Duryodana felt that Bhishma was not doing his best , as he was carried away by his affection to the Pandavas. Duryodhana felt anxious of the result if Bhishma continued to fight half-heartedly. So Duryodhana wanted to rouse Bhishma to his full fury, even if it meant hurting the old man.

Approaching Bhishma, Duryodhana remarked that Bhishma was waging a half-hearted fight. Stung by these remarks, Bhishma gave word that he would rout the Pandava army and kill all the Pandavas.

When Draupadi heard this, she was afraid. She prayed to her Lord Krishna.

As soon as she thought of Krishna, he appeared before her. Krishna asked her to follow him. He took her through the battlefield. The battlefield was an awful sight with bodies scattered everywhere. They finally reached a tent.

Suddenly, Krishna told Draupadi, “Sister, please remove your sandals. They are making a lot of noise.”

Draupadi removed her sandals.

Just at the entrance to the camp, Krishna whispered to Draupadi, “Please go in and fall at the feet of the old man whom you can hear pacing up and down inside.”

She did so accordingly. Bhishma was surprised to see a lady fall at his feet and he blessed her, “May you live long with your husband. Who are you? What can I do for you? Why are you here at this hour?”

Druapadi got up asking Bhishma to promise protection to her husbands.

When she got up, Bhishma recognized her. He was stunned, “Draupadi, Is it you? How did you come here?”

Draupadi replied, “Krishna brought me here. I came here to seek your blessings.”

Bhishma recognized Krishna at the door. “Krishna, please come in. What is it that is hanging on your shoulders? It looks like sandals.”

Krishna replied quietly, “Oh yes, they are Panchali’s foot wear. They were making lot of noise. So I took them with me.”

Draupadi was mortified to see this. She said, “Oh Lord! Great calamity will fall on me by this act of yours.”

Krishna replied, “What is wrong with the brother carrying his sister’s sandals? By the way, did you take his blessings?”

Bhishma replied, “She did not ask for it. I gave it on my own. Krishna, what concern you have for your devotees, you did not mind even carrying their footwear. Who can equal you in protecting the devotees? When you are with the Pandavas, what do they have to fear?”

Draupadi replied, “Grandpa, we were terrified to hear your promise.”

Bhishma said, “What can the oath of this insignificant person do before Krishna, the God incarnate. He is on your side. No harm can befall you.”

Thus succeeding in their mission, Krishna and Draupadi took leave of Bhishma.


As soon as devotee think of Krishna he appear on lotus of his hearth. When invited by devotee Krishna is always ready to help although apparently we do not see his help. By pleasing great personalities we get blessings even without asking for them as Draupadi get blessings of Pitamaha Bhishma.

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