Madhumangal and mangos

Madhumangal and mangos

One day Krishna and his cowerboys come in forest of Vrindavan. Krishna was very hungry. So he just come before mango tree and tree seeing his hunger just lowered his highest branch and bring mango before face of Krishna who took and eat fully ripe mango.

Oh this is not fair.I would like also to get such mango! said Madhumangala.

Madhumangal just go before tree and meditate how you want mango and tree will give it to you! said Sri Krishna.

Madhumangala went before tree and meditate but nothing was happening.

Krishna noting is happening this is not working!

No, no Madhumangala you are not doing properly Krishna is joking with you, i will show you proper way to get your mangos!said Balaram.

So Balaram too with his hands trunk of the tree and shaked it.Hundreds of mangos fall from tree of which many on head of Maddhumangal.

Oh this hurt said Madhumangal but no problem i got my mangos!