Krishna story. The crooked tree!

Krishna story. The crooked tree!

There was a tree whose branches were crooked.

It was living in a dense forest where all trees were straight and tall.

Their trunks were broad and in good shape.

But, there was one tree which was having a crooked and shapeless trunk.

The crooked trunk tree was sad.

He thought “How ugly I am! All others are straight and have nice shape. I alone have crooked trunk.”

One day a wood-cutter came there.

He looked around and said “I will cut all trees here, except that crooked tree. That is of no use to me”.

He cut away all other trees. Now, the crooked tree was happy and thankful to Lord for creating it with crooked branch.

Moral of the story:

An opulence of an individual is not measured by how many houses one has, how many cars one has, or by the count of family members and friends one has.

It simply depends on how satisfied we are with whatever the Lord has blessed us with.

But unfortunately most of the times we keep craving for things which we don’t have and miss out to be happy and thankful for whatever we are blessed with.

Our attitude should be: “If Krishna is not giving us something, then we don’t want it.”

In Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 8 Chapter 19 verse 24, Lord Vamanadev while explaining to Bali Maharaj why he did not ask for more than 3 paces of land, very nicely says

yadrcchayopapannena / santushto vartate sukham
naasantushtas tribhir lokair / ajitaatmopasaaditaih

“One should be satisfied with whatever he achieves by his previous destiny, for discontent can never bring happiness. A person who is not self-controlled will not be happy even with possessing the three worlds.”

In his powerful purport to the above verse His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada very nicely says, “If happiness is the ultimate goal of life, one must be satisfied with the position in which he is placed by providence.” Krishna being our Supreme Father knows what we deserve, what is good for us.

So we should never question the Lord for our position.

So we should be happy with whatever we have.

There is a following beautiful verse from shastras to help us understand what we should be satisfied with and what we should not be satisfied with.

santushta trishu kartavyah / svadhaare bhojane dhane
santushta trishu na kartavyah / svaadhyaah japa dhaanayoh

“One should be always satisfied with these three things – their spouse, the food, and the amount of wealth they obtained. One should never be satisfied with these three things – the amount of scriptural study, the amount of chanting and the amount of charity they performed.”