Krishna Story: Sannyasi who got a cat, cow and wife!

Krishna Story: Sannyasi who got a cat, cow and wife!

There was one one man who was tired from life.

He had 3-4 children and he couldn’t work very hard and maintain the children.

He thought that it is better to leave home and go to the forest become sannjasi and guru.

So he went to the forest and then nicely in Himalaya he found out some place and was mediating there.

Some people were coming to him and they are very happy to see the new guru with all jatta and beard and guru was looking for the disciples, that he must have something.

So people started coming to him and they said “We want to be your disciples.”

He said “Come tomorrow I will take the vow.” He was very eager but he was in performing tactics.

So next day the people came, “Maharaj somehow or the other we want to become your disciples.”

“Alright” So three four disciples he got.

Then they asked “Maharaj, do you want anything, do you like anything.”

“No, I don’t want anything.”

“Is there any trouble?”

“Yes, yes there is one trouble.” He said, “My chapatti flour I keep here and these mice come and eat it away. They trouble me.”

“Alright guru maharaj, tomorrow we will bring something, some medicine for your mice.”

So next day the disciple came with a cat.

“What is this cat?”

“Yes this is cat.”

“What is this?”

“This is the medicine for rats.”

“Is it?”

“Yes, the cat will eat the rats and your flour will be alright.”

“It’s very good”, he kept the cat.

It was alright for the mice but in the evening the cat started crying because she was hungry.

She was a vegetarian cat!

So milk was required.

So, the sadhu baba has to run to the village down stairs beg money for buying the milk, get the milk and again climb up and feed the cat and cat will eat the rat.

It was a horrible thing.

Third day disciples [came and said], “Maharaj! How is your flour?”

“Flour is alright but I had to spend nearly four hours to go down, beg and bring the milk and feed the cat then the cat will eat the rats.”

“It’s a horrible thing you are doing.”

“Maharaj we will find out something tomorrow.”

So, next day these disciples came with a cow.

“Did you bring a cow?”

“Yes, this is guru dakshina.”

“Oh! Why?”

“You just milk the cow; feed the cat and cat will eat the rats.”
Maharaj was very happy.

“Oh! So I don’t have to go to village then?”

“No, No there is no need, you milk it and feed and it will work.”

In the evening the whole compound was full with cow dung and cow was very hungry. Now what is to be done?

“Oh! She wants the grass.”

So again he has to run to the village.

For the whole day he had to beg, he has to carry the grass bundle and then come upstairs and feed the cow and milk it. Whole day was gone.

There was no time for meditation.

Disciples didn’t come for 8 days, they thought that Maharaj has cow, milk is there, cat is there, everything is there.

So after 8 days …disciples come.

“How are you Maharaj?”

Maharaj said “I don’t have time to talk to you. I am so very busy in this. What have you done? I just want to get rid of the mice, rats, that’s it. I didn’t want all these things.”

“Maharaj don’t worry, get married!!!”, “so she will feed and she will manage your household and you will be free for meditation. “

So Maharaj again called his old wife to come and live in forest with him and take care for cow.

Moral of the story:

1) This men left home to forest, but there he found new family and new attachments. If our detachment is not real eventually we will fall from our path of spirituality.

2) If we cheat others eventually we will be cheated and will have to suffer do to our misdeeds.

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