Krishna story: Krishna crossing wall to get to Radharani!

Krishna story: Krishna crossing wall to get to Radharani!

Because of the following Incident, Krishna’s parents elevated the walls of their House, in their village.

Once Baby Krishna, who was no more than 5, gets up in the wee hours post Midnight, because of a dream.

In a state of Euphoria, he gets out of his bed and not disturbing anyone, goes out, climbs the not so tall boundary wall of the cottage and starts walking.

He was heading towards another Village which was about a Mile away.

He was neither in the waking state nor in the dreaming state.

And he Tottered deliriously, desperate to reach the point where he could SEE the object of his pursuit.

He reaches Her village and sees her Playing with her friends in the outskirts.

He stares blankly at her in that FIFTH state, neither known nor attainable.

The Child had found what he looked for and what made him cross the risky woods, All Alone.

Radha, who was around 8 at that point, had Matured a little and was no more a Kid.

She catches his sight and walks towards him.

Radha: You have come alone?

Krishna in a Voice which was Still Childish: Yes..

Radha: Why?

Krishna: They would not let me..

Radha: and why dont they let you?

Krishna: They think I am a child..

Radha: Are you not one?

Krishna: No. I am Big.. I know that in my dream. You also are there in my dream. We live in a faraway land where there are Lotuses all around us. There, We live together and I am taller than you. And we do everything together…

Radha Teasingly: What things?

The Shy kid looks away…

Radha: Do you Love me?

Krishna not looking in the Lady’s Eyes: More than my Life….

Radha Picks the Child in her Arms as we would our Child and kisses his chubby cheeks which Turn Red like a Girl who Blushes.

Embarrassed, he Whispers: You are my Goddess of Beauty and Joy.