Keshi and Vyomasura katha

Topics covered:

SB 10.37: The Killing of the Demons Keśi and Vyomasura

  • Kesi assumes form of a terrible horse Enters Vrindavana.
  • A Raging wild horse Great mane flying and hooves digging up the earth, tail wheeling in the sky like a big cloud Whinny and terrifying the whole world challenges Krishna to a fight.
  • Krishna exhibits anger and dexterously moves around Kesi.
  • Throws him a 100 yards away just as Garuda throws a snake.
  • Kesi rushes towards Krishna.
  • Tries to trample Him with strong legs, forceful and as hard as stone.
  • Krishna catches his legs – baffling.
  • Kesi regains consciousness and rushes toward Krishna again, this time with mouth open Krishna pushes his left hand into Kesi’s mouth.
  • Krishna’s hand feels like hot iron rod in mouth of Kesi.
  • Kesi’s teeth falls out. Krishna’s hand inflates and begins to choke Kesi’s throat. Kesi begins to suffocate. Perspiring Kesi throws his legs hither and thither.
  • Eyeballs bulge in their sockets. Passes stool and urine simultaneously his vital life force expires.
  • Demons mouth becomes loose and Krishna extracts His hand without difficulty. Krishna does not feel any surprise. Amazement of demigods.
  • Vyomasura enter Vrindavana.
  • Magical son of Maya steals “lamb” actors mountain caves stone locks.
  • Krishna battles Vyoma.
  • Vyoma expands like Hill.
  • Krishna dashes him to ground.

Lessons to be learned:

  1. Let us approach the Supreme Personality of Godhead for shelter.
  2. By the power of spiritual energy, He is eternally aloof from the flow of the qualities of illusion.
  3. We should bring happiness to others!
  4. Children should play their games happily without fear of danger.
  5. Lord is without display of pride for his accomplishments.

Esoteric meaning of lila:

Kesi represents the vanity of thinking “I am a great devotee and guru.”

Also the false ego arising from attachment from wealth and material accomplishments.