Great devotee story: False letter from Krishna!

Great devotee story: False letter from Krishna!

Rahim was a devotee of Krishna, and he used to give charity continuously, and when he used to give, he would always do it with his eyes lowered.

He said I do not want to see the gratitude in the eyes of the receiver, because he said I am not the giver!

One day someone wanted to cheat him, so he sent someone to Rahim with a letter, saying that you must give this man 1000 gold coins…….and he signed the letter “Krishna”.

So Rahim told his munim, give this man not only 1000 but 1100 coins.

The munim protested that this man is just fooling you but Rahim insisted.

So after giving the coins, the munim asked Rahim for an explanation, and Rahim said that today I got a false letter from Krishna, but and if I honor it, then maybe Krishna will send me a real letter…………but if I fail to honor the false letter, the real letter may never come!