Krishna story: Beggar who realize he is king!

I have heard that a king expelled his son from his kingdom. He was angry with his son, a spoiledson, and so in a moment of rage he threw him out. The son did not have any skills or vocation. Whatcan a king’s son know? He was not even educated, so he could do nothing... read more

Funny story: The Logical Bull

One logician went to purchase some flour from a miller. The miller asked him to kindly wait for a few moments, because he was just grinding it. The logician noticed that the miller kept an ox for turning the millstone; that ox would walk in a circle, the yoke being... read more

Funny story: Blind following the scriptures!

Many years ago in a flourishing town, there lived four brahmins who had become great friends. They were all extremely naive by nature. One day, desiring to gain knowledge, they decided to join an asrama of a learned guru. For twelve years they studied under him, and... read more

Funny story: Yes, no and very good!

A simple villager once picked up some English words just by listening here and there. He only knew “Yes” “No” and “Very good”. But he never attempted to serious understand the application of these words in their proper context. He... read more

Funny story: Jesus and donkey!

There was once a famous Russian actor and musician, Peter Mamonov. Despite his fame he remained modest and accessible for the common people. When a journalist once asked him how he managed to keep a cool head and not become proud of his fame, he answered with a story.... read more

Funny story: Men who worshiped himself!

Once there was man called Champaklal and he was very stupid in his behavior. Because of his stupidity he was called Stupid Champaklal. He happened to meet a saint and requested that he wants to worship the most powerful person. The saintly person gave a small Krishna... read more

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