Dwaraka story: Draupadi: “I am Krishna’s, I am Krishna’s!!”

Dwaraka story: Draupadi: “I am Krishna’s, I am Krishna’s!!”

A story goes that Rukmini and Satyabhama, the wives of Krishna are very jealous of Draupadi.

They feel that despite all the love and care they shower on Krishna, he is always thinking about Draupadi ( who was like his sister and friend. For Druapadi, Krishna was her Guru, guide, dear brother and friend).

So one day, they decide to confront her.

They go to her chambers and ask her why Krishna loves her so much.

Why he is thinking of her all the time.

No matter what they do for him, how come she is always on his mind!

Draupadi answers that of course she loves Krishna, like they love Krishna.

She cares for Krishna, just like they care for Krishna.

But, she says there is difference in her love for Krishna and their love.

She says in their love for Krishna, they always say “Krishna is mine, Krishna is mine”.

In her love for Krishna she says, “I am Krishna’s, I am Krishna’s!!”

Moral of the story.

It’s an example of surrender to the Master, of living a life of being the perfect instrument of the Master.

Draupadi, for one, had a tough life to say the least.

Yet, no complaints, no questions. “I am Krishna’s!” “I am his instrument”.

“My life is his, my joys are his and so are my sorrows!”

Then, does he have a choice but to have her on his mind!

Draupadi Maiya Ki Jai!!!