Damodar Lila

Topics covered:

SB 10.9: Mother Yaśodā Binds Lord Kṛṣṇa

  • Who are Nanda and Yashoda in their previous lifes ? DRONA – DHARA.
  • Yasha – Fame.
  •  Krishna Balarama’s childhood features.
  • Krishna’s Bodily Features & Mannerisms Flute under Arm Bugle on right side in belt with cane rice paste and Yoghurt in left hand Peelu, king of fruits in His fingers.
  • One day… Yashoda’s maidservant was personally engaged in household duties . Yashoda decided to churn butter by herself A Description Milk Bangles & Bracelets Earrings & Breasts Drops of Perspiration on face Flower garland on head.
  • Krishna came. Hunger – intensity of love Feeding is more important. Yashoda feeds Krishna The beauty of her son’s moonlike face – Krishnachandra Milk began to boil over. Yashoda puts Krishna down and ran to set the milk pan. Krishna became angry. Pressed his teeth and lips. Krishna enters …
  • Krishna’s Anger Stone & Broken Butter Pot Crocodile Tears & Butter Consumption.
  • Yashoda. back and saw broken pot. Churning yoghurt missing. Krishna was not there. Clever boy Krishna on a big wooden grinding mortar Feeding to monkeys Krishna looking this way and that. Aware of Naughtiness Yashoda silently approached him from behind.
  • Krishna saw Mother coming Krishna began to flee.
  • Yashoda chased Him Yashoda could not catch Him.
  • Symptoms of Yashoda’s tiredness.
  • Yashoda tries to bind Damodara hands with rope.
  • Krishna’s achintya roopam – inconceivable spiritual form.
  • Rope always fell 2 inches short.
  • Yashoda became tired. Krishna relented.
  • Arjuna Trees Nalakuvara and Manigriva – Narada Muni’s curse Yashoda engaged in household affairs. Krishna was angry. Gazed His eyes at the twin Arjuna trees.

ŠB.10.10: Deliverance Of Nalakuvara & Manigreeva

  • Krishna targets twin Yamala Arjuna trees.
  • Who are Nalakuvara & Manigreeva?
  • Sons of Kuvera Great devotee of Lord Shiva.
  • Who is Kuvera? Treasurer of the devas.
  • Narada Muni’s curse them. Why?
  • Sporting in Mandakini Lake on Mount Kailasha Drunk & surrounded by Apsaras offended Sage Narada by not covering their bodies.
  • Narada Muni in compassion sees the 2 sons of Kuvera in a deplorable condition Sons of a responsible demigod, intoxicated by sense enjoyment.
  • Philosophical understanding Nalakuvara & Manigreeva – unaware to whom the body belongs to Material opulence can strongly lead one to sinful activities In poverty, one is better situated for spiritual life..
  • BECOME TREES! CURSES for 100 demigod years = 6480000 earthly years!
  • They can do no harm they are immovable.
  • Narada Muni’s Curse – Significance – Able to retain their memory & understand the reason for punishment Curse of a pure devotee is a benediction.
  • Nalakuvara & Manigreeva became twin Arjuna trees Nanda Maharaja’s courtyard – Received Krishna’s Mercy Prayers Acknowledge Krishna as The Supreme Personality of Godhead Hearing & Chanting Service.
  • Krishna returns them to Kuvera’s abode where they remain in bhakti -Liberation in this very life.
  • Circumambulating the The Lord they left.