Daksha yagya katha

Topics covered:


SB 4.2: Dakṣa Curses Lord Śiva

  • LordŚiva,spiritual master of the world
  • Dakṣa offended by LordŚiva
  • Dakṣa speaks against LordŚiva
  • LordŚiva cursed byDakṣa
  • Dakṣa cursed by Nandishvara
  • The followers of LordŚiva cursed Bhrigu
  • LordŚiva leaves the arena of sacrifice
  • The demigods depart for their abodes


SB 4.3: Talks Between Lord Śiva and Satī

  • Tension betweenDakṣa andŚiva
  • The great sacrifice planned byDakṣa
  • Satīs desire to attend the sacrifice
  • women hanker for material affection
  • Śiva rimembers the malicious speeches ofDakṣa
  • Dakṣa proud of material assets
  • Dakṣa intolerant ofŚivas high position
  • Śiva worships Vasudeva in pure consciousnes
  • Śivasadvice toSatī


SB 4.4: Satī Quits Her Body

  • Satīs mind unsettled
  • Satī leaves her husband
  • Satī dissatisfied byDakṣa silence
  • Satī condemns her father
  • Śivashonor never neglected
  • Inauspisious qualities of LordŚiva
  • Satī condemns her body
  • opulences of self – realized souls
  • Satī absorbs herself in mystic yoga
  • Satīquits her body in blazing fire
  • Dakṣa unworthy to be a brahmana
  • Bhrigu Muni creates the Ribhu demigods


SB 4.5: Frustration of the Sacrifice of Dakṣa

  • Śiva becomes angry
  • The fearful black demon created
  • Śivas soldiers follow the fierce personality
  • LordŚiva dance of dissolution
  • The destruction of sacrificial arena
  • Dakṣa beheaded by Virabhadra


SB 4.6: Brahmā Satisfies Lord Śiva

  • Priests and demigods approach Lord Brahma
  • LordŚiva easily pleased
  • The abode of Kaliash
  • The lake in whichSatī bathed
  • celestial damsels  enjoy in sanctified rivers
  • The airplanes of the heavenly planets
  • Śiva surrounded by saintly persons
  • LordŚiva, chief of all thinkers
  • Lord Brahma speaks toŚiva
  • Miscreants destined to ghastly hells
  • Envious persons already killed by providence
  • Vaishnavas never bewildered by maya
  • The recommended sacrifice for this age


SB 4.7: The Sacrifice Performed by Dakṣa

  • Śiva pacified by the words of Lord Brahma
  • Dakṣa given a goaths head
  • Dakṣa hearth cleansed
  • Daksas prayers to LordŚiva
  • The brahmanas arrange to offer oblations
  • The appearance of Lord Narayana
  • Lord Vishnu worshipable by everyone
  • Dakṣaoffers respectful prayers to the Lord
  • The formidable fort of conditional existence
  • The insurmountable spell of illusory energy
  • Vishnus form pleasing to the ming and eyes
  • The mind compared to an elphant
  • Vishnum the shelter of quality of goodness
  • Demigods depend on Visnu for protection
  • The value of the human form of life
  • Lord Vishnu is everything
  • Chanting of the holy names
  • Supersoul, the self – sufficient witness
  • One who knows brahman
  • Dakṣa situated on the religious path