Bharat Maharaj katha

SB 5.7: The Activities of King Bharata

  • The five sons of Bharata and Panchajani
  • Bharata performs sacriface for the satisfaction of Vasudeva
  • Bharata retires from family life
  • Bharata worship Narayana in the Sun

SB 5.8: A Description of the Character of Bharata Mahārāja

  • The compassion of Bharata on an infant deer
  • Bharata is bound by affection for the deer
  • Bharata accepts the deer as a prince
  • Bharata receives the body of a deer at death
  • Repentance of Bharata

SB 5.9: The Supreme Character of Jaḍa Bharata

  • Bharata takes birth in the family of a brahmana
  • Jaḍa Bharata behaves before his father like a fool
  • Jaḍa Bharataworks only for food
  • Goddess Kali personally saves Jaḍa Bharata

SB 5.10: The Discussion Between Jaḍa Bharata and Mahārāja Rahūgaṇa

  • Jada Bharata is forced to carry the kings palanquin
  • The king criticizes Jaḍa Bharata
  • Jaḍa Bharata replies to the king
  • Jaḍa Bharataresumes carryng the palanquin
  • Prayers of the king to Jaḍa Bharata
  • Questions by the king Rahūgaṇa

SB 5.11: Jaḍa Bharata Instructs King Rahūgaṇa

  • Material happines is insignificant
  • Bondage and liberation are caused by the mind
  • A liberated soul sees thnigs vividly
  • The mind is conquered by devotional service

SB 5.12: Conversation Between Mahārāja Rahūgaṇa and Jaḍa Bharata

  • The instructions of Jaḍa Bharata are like medicine
  • The universe has no real existence
  • The absolute truth revealed by the mercy of a devotee
  • The association of exalted devotees

SB 5.13: Further Talks Between King Rahūgaṇa and Jaḍa Bharata

  • Plunders in the forest of material enjoyment
  • Household life is compared to a forest fire
  • Living entities create enmity among themselves
  • The king as a victim of external energy – maya
  • Jaḍa Bharata forgets insult of the king

SB 5.14: The Material World as the Great Forest of Enjoyment

  • The soul is conditioned by the material atmosphere
  • Family members and there roles
  • Gold is source of opulence and envy
  • The mirage of material enjoyment
  • So – calle dsadhus preach againt Vedic principles
  • Family life like a forest
  • Materialists are devoured by python of sleep
  • Transcendentalist condemn the path of frutivie activities
  • The miseries of the conditioned soul
  • Unauthorize man – made Gods
  • Family life affords momentary sex pleasure
  • No one can be happy in material life
  • The creeper of fruitive activities
  • Creeper of bhakti lata
  • The wonderful activities of Bharata Maharaja

Lessons to be learned from Maharaja Bharata

  • No one should remain unemployed or unoccupied in any way
  • As long as one maintains material desires, he cannot be happy
  • Maharaja Bharata had almost reached the point of loving service to the Supreme
    Lord, but even from that platform he could fall down onto the material platform
  • Spiritual salvation and liberation from material bondage must be worked out with
    great caution, otherwise a little discrepancy will cause one to fall down again into
    material existence
  • We should be compassionate by raising one from the material platform to the
    spiritual platform; otherwise at any moment our spiritual advancement may be
    spoiled, and we may fall down onto the material platform
  • We have to be very cautious in executing our spiritual duties
  • Even if one is in the renounced order, he should never give up the regulative
  • Actual sympathy is to elevate someone from material consciousness to spiritual
  • As far as the material body is concerned we cannot do anything for anyone
  • If we give up our own spiritual activities and simply become concerned with the
    bodily comforts of others, we fall into a dangerous position
  • People’s material conditions can’t be improved
  • Material conditions are established according to one’s karma
  • Material comforts cannot be increased or decreased
  • Happiness and distress comes without efforts
  • One who is serious in advancing his spiritual life should be very cautious not to
    become attached to anything but Krishna.
  • We have to accept many material activities, but we should remember that everything is for Krishna. If we remember this, there is no chance of our being victimized by material activities
  • If one’s mind is distracted from worship, a mere show of worship will not be of any benefit
  • If a poor man loses some money or gold, he at once becomes very agitated
  • Atmavan manyate jagat – everyone thinks of others according to his own position
  • Out of affection, anyone can be addressed as anything
  • If we think that we are fully engaged in devotional service and can do
    whatever we like, we have to suffer like Bharata Maharaja and be condemned
  • Not a single moment shoul be spent without chanting and remembering the Supreme
    Lord and His activities
  • If we want to keep our minds completely fixed without deviation, we must
    engage them in devotional service full time
  • Don’t waste time in frivolous talk, sleep or voracious eating.
  • Avyartha-kalatvam , we should see that every moment of our lives is utilized for the rendering of devotional service and nothing else
  • Association is very important
  • No one should be captivated by his birthplace and family; one should take shelter of
  • the association of devotees and cultivate Krishna consciousness.
  • We geta bodies as per our karma
  • Bharata Maharaja was not very interested in the duties of a brahmana, but he
    always thought of the lotus feet of the Lord
  • Attachment to family makes one forgetful of death
  • One who has no desire to maintain the body or who is not anxious to keep the body
    in order and who is satisfied in any condition must be either mad or liberated.
  • In the material world, conceptions of good and bad are all mental speculations
  • One should actually be situated on the spiritual platform of neutrality
  • Only an aggressor can be killed. If a person comes with intent to kill, to set fire to the
    home or to pollute or kidnap one’s wife, he is an aggressor
  • Devotees are always fully dependent on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and the
    Lord is always eager to give them all protection in all circumstances.

Sruti phala – Fruit of hearing Maharaja Bharata katha: