King Citraketu katha

Topics covered:

SB 6.14: King Citraketu’s Lamentation

  • The mystery of Vritrasura: sinful demon or great saint.
  • A real devotee of God is extremely rare.
  • Kings Citraketus ten million barren wives.
  • The sage Angira visits the king.
  • The kings deep anxiety.
  • Citraketus empire means nothing without son.
  • A son is born to the king.
  • The sonless queens condemn themselves.
  • The queens poison the baby.
  • Grief devastates king Citraketu.
  • The queens blames the Supreme Lord for her sons death.
  • The kingdom becomes an ocean of lamentation.

SB 6.15: The Saints Nārada and Angirā Instruct King Citraketu

  • Conditioned souls are joined and separated by time.
  • The Supreme Lord controls everything.
  • King Citraketus enlightenment.
  • Great souls wander the earth to instruct people.
  • Wife, children and home are mental concoctions.
  • The body is the source of all miseries.

SB 6.16: King Citraketu Meets the Supreme Lord

  • King Citraketus death son speaks.
  • Traveling from the womb to womb.
  • The living entity is equal in quality to God.
  • Citraketu leaves family life.
  • Narada gives a mantra to Citraketu.
  • Material words and minds cannot approach the Lord.
  • Angira and Narada depart for the topmost planet.
  • Citraketu attains the shelter of Anantadeva.
  • Prayers of Citraketu to Lord Shesha.
  • The beginning, middle and end of everything.
  • Escaping the repetition of birth and death.
  • Low – class religious systems are full of envy.
  • Aryans worship the Supreme Lord.
  • Hearing the holy names purifies one.
  • Anantadeva addresses Citraketu.
  • The dreaming condition of the living entities.
  • The perfection of human life.

SB 6.17: Mother Pārvatī Curses Citraketu

  • Citraketu travels in outer space.
  • Citraketu laughs at Lord Shivas embracing his wife.
  • Parvati is furious with Citraketu.
  • Parvati curses him to be born in a family of demons.
  • Citraketu calmly accepts the curse.
  • Happiness and distress flow like the waves of a river.
  • Lord Shiva praises the glories of devotees.
  • The devotee is detached from this world.
  • King Citraketu takes birth as demon Vritrasura.