Varahadeva katha

Topics covered:

SB 3.13: The Appearance of Lord Varāha

  • Hearing from the mouths of pure devotees
  • Brahma pleased with Manu
  • Devotional service as ones own self – interest
  • Small boar comes out of Brahmas nostril
  • The tumultuous voice of the Lord boar
  • Lord boar lifts the earth
  • Prayers of the sages to Lord Boar
  • The Lord is bound by sacrifice only
  • The earth as the wife of the Lord
  • Hearing the auspicious narration of Lord Boar

SB 3.14: Pregnancy of Diti in the Evening

  • Two different boar incarnations
  • Diti afflicted with sex desire
  • Kashyapa marries thirteen daughters of Daksha
  • Taking shelter of a wife
  • Lord Siva, the king of the ghosts
  • Kashyapa obliged to perform a forbidden act
  • Siva as the worship-able Lord of all women
  • Sons born of Ditis condemned womb
  • Prahlada as the would – be grandson of Diti
  • Satisfaction of Diti


SB 3.15: Description of the Kingdom of God

  • The force if the pregnancy of Diti
  • Living entities conducted by Vedic directions
  • The Lord and his devotees reside in Vaikuntha
  • The inhabitants ofVaikuṇṭha
  • Importance of human form of life
  • The four kumaras reachVaikuṇṭha
  • The doormen block the Kumaras way
  • There is complete harmony in Vaikuntha
  • A brahmanas curse cannot be counteracted
  • The Lord is the reservoir of all pleasure
  • The Kumaras smell the aroma of Tulasi leaves
  • Prayers of the Kumaras


SB 3.16: The Two Doorkeepers of Vaikuṇṭha, Jaya and Vijaya, Cursed by the Sages

  • The Lord always favors the brahmanas
  • The brahmanas are ever satisfied with the Lords prasadam
  • The Lords lovely and illuminating speech
  • Prayers of the sages
  • Lakshmi waits upon the Lord
  • Krishnas pastimes exhibited by submission
  • The sages leave the transcendental abode
  • The gatekeepers fall fromVaikuṇṭha

SB 3.17: Victory of Hiraṇyākṣa Over All the Directions of the Universe

  • Birth of two demons
  • Omens of evil times
  • The benediction  ofHiraṇyakaśipu
  • Hiraṇyākṣashows his splendor
  • Varuna waxes angry


SB 3.18: The Battle Between Lord Boar and the Demon Hiraṇyākṣa

  • The Lord in his boar incarnation
  • The abusive words of the demon
  • The Lord expresses his terrible anger
  • Hiraṇyākṣa and the Lord strike each other
  • Brahma addresses Narayana


SB 3.19: The Killing of the Demon Hiraṇyākṣa

  • The Lord accepts Brahmas prayer
  • The Lord invokes his Sudarshana discus
  • The great demons valor frustrated
  • The demon employs many conjuring tricks
  • Diti recalls the words of her husband
  • Brahma arrives on the spot
  • Lord Hari returns to his own abode
  • hearing the works and deeds of devotees