Narada Muni story: Narada Muni and men who didn’t wanted to go to Vaikuntha!!!

Narada Muni story: Narada Muni and men who didn’t wanted to go to Vaikuntha!!!

Narada Muni once approached Krishna Vaikuntha planets and was very surprice.

Lord was siting and was crying!

Oh my Lord has someone hurt you? Can i help you to remove your suffering? asked devote Narada.

Lord spoke: I am crying for souls in material world. Nobody want to return to me! I cry in separations from this souls who are part from me.

Oh my Lord, how i can help you in this mater? asked Narada Muni.

On planet earth there is a nice devotee called Chandulal, if you want you tell Chandulal that I am waiting even now to bring him back to Me to Vaikuntha. He dont need to do any sadhana, japa, yagja,dana to return to me. Just take him with you and bring him to Vaikunta. Spoke mercifuly Lord Krishna to Narada.

So Narada Muni went down on planet Earth and knocks at the door of Chandulal’s house.

Chandulal said “Maharaj we are very happy to see you, please come inside and sit down”.

Narada muni said, “Don’t waste time now, enough sitting down and everything, Krishna says now He can come with me to Vaikuntha and you dont need to do any sadhana, japa, yagja, dana. Are you willing to come back to Krishna?”

Chandulal said, “Yes Maharaj even now I am ready. Krishna is very great, He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He is ishvarah paramah krishnah sac-cid-aaanda-vigrahah anaadir aadir govindah sarva-kaarana-kaaranam”. I am very happy”.

Narada said, “You please stop talking. Are you ready to go to Krishna?”

Chandulal promptly replied,” Maharaj even now I am ready but just see I am just married. My wife is very young. If I want to leave her now, do you know how much bad it will appear to the society? Not for me but for how they will think what kind of person Krishna is? He takes away the young man from his wife. Society will not think very kindly. As a devotee, it is our duty Maharaj to make sure that we keep the flag of our society flying so that vaishnavas are not looked down and Krishna must have good reputation”.

Then Narada said, “That is not a problem, ok tell me now how much time you need?”

Chandulal said, “Let me settle her down, once child is born she will forget about me”. So Chandulal asked Narada Muni to come after few years.

Narada muni came back after few years and saw children are running around. Everything looks very nice.

Narada muni asked Chandulal, “Are you ready to come?”

Chandulal said, “Maharaj even now I am ready but just see we have one problem. Wife is there, children are there and I also have my mother in the same house. You know Maharaj when you put one woman in one kitchen it is alright, but when you put two women in one kitchen it is kurushetra. I am trying very hard daily to adjust my wife with my mother. So this daughter-in-law, mother-in-law thing is there Maharaj. It is my duty as a family member to make sure everything is settled. So you give me 2-3 years everything will get settled and things will be fine. Now children are young, let the children become little old”.

Narada muni said, “Alright but time is running.”

In a few years, Naradi muni came back and saw grandchildren also. So Chandulal has no more excuse to give.

And when he saw Narada muni, he wanted to hide. But in running up the stairs, he falls down the stairs and breaks his neck and Yamaraj comes.

Narada muni is very sad and the wife of Chandulal is very sad. They look at Narada muni and think that because of him Chandulal died. So Narada muni decided to leave the place.

Narada muni went to see Krishna. Narada muni give sad report to Krishna.

But Krishna is so kind and told Narada muni not to worry and said that Chandulal has become a dog.

Narada muni asked where he is now. Krishna said he is just outside his own house. He likes his house so much, so I gave him the facility to sit outside his house in his next life. Krishna told Narada muni to go to Chandulal and talk to him. I will give both of you the tejas – power to understand each other’s language. You tell Chandulal that even now I am willing to take him back in dog form back to Godhead.

Narada muni said, “Krishna no one is more compassionate than You. I am sure now Chandulal is repentant. I am sure he now understands his mistake, so I am going to run to him”.

Narada muni went to Chandulal house. House was very quiet. Outside the house there was a tree and under the tree the dog was sitting.

Narada muni approached Chandulal and asked “Can you hear me?”.

Chandulal said that he can hear him.

“What a benediction, in my last life I was so sinful that I forgot Krishna and reward was not inspiration and reward was death. I lost my chance”.

Narada said, “Hold it, I got good news of the day for you. Even now Krishna is waiting to take you, even now you can go back. Are you prepared to come back?”

Chandulal never forgets his nature. Even in dog’s life he was just like Chandulal.

Chandulal said “Maharaj I am very happy, even now I am ready to go back to Krishna. He is so merciful.”

Narada says, “In last life you talked so much and you never did anything. Now you are a dog — Better now you talk less and do more. Are you going to come back with me or not?”

Chandulal said “Maharaj look at the house”.

Narada muni asked “What is wrong with the house?”

Chandulal said, “They left all the windows and doors open. They have gone out to watch movie. All my hard earned money is inside the house and they have just left it like that”.

Narada said, “So what can you do, you are a dog now”.

Chandulal said, “Just give me a while, I will guard the house, make sure no one comes in and once everything is over and when I feel the house is secure, then you come and take me”.
( Puranic story )

Moral of the story:

Narada thought this is just too much. Up to the point of being a dog, given a chance to come back to Krishna, still we don’t want to take His feet. Still we want anything and everything except Krishna. So whom do we have to blame when we are not inspired?

Even when we are given the rarest chance to be at the lotus feet of Krishna, we find all the favourable arguments in material energy to say ‘not now!’. I will read Bhagavatam but just give me one year. I will slowly do these things but I need some more time. When the eagerness is not there, there is no way to go to Krishna. That is the reason why we are always in trouble. That is the reason why we are not pacified.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

PS: I humbly request all the devotees to please forward and share this moral / instructive stories they hear so that everyone can be benefitted by hearing about Krishna and his dear devotees.