Holy name story: Lord Caitanya delivered crocodile by chanting holy names!

Holy name story: Lord Caitanya delivered crocodile by chanting holy names!

Once, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came with devotees to a lake.

The lake is in Nabadwip Dham, near Godrumdwip—when we go on parikrama, you can see that place.

Mahaprabhu offered the devotees, “Let’s sit by the lake,” but one of the cowherd men of that area told Him, “Do not go there! A crocodile lives in that lake.Even the cows are afraid and do not drink water from that lake.”

Mahaprabhu already knew everything, and hearing the words of the cowherd man, He started chanting.

When the crocodile heard Mahaprabhu chanting the Holy Name, it turned into a dev-sisu, a child god.

The boy paid obeisance to Mahaprabhu and started to cry. Mahaprabhu asked him why he was crying, and the boy told Him everything—what had happened and how he became a crocodile.

It happened four ages ago, during Satya-yuga.

At that time, there was a forest near Vrindavan called Kamyavan.

Once, when Durvasa Muni was sleeping in that forest, childishly the boy decided to played a naughty prank on him—he cut his sikha.

Durvasa Muni became very angry and said, “I am giving you a curse. You will become a crocodile and stay as a crocodile in a pond for four ages. When the Lord Himself comes in Kali-yuga as Gauranga Mahaprabhu, He will come to that pond and chant the Holy Name. By the power of the Holy Name you will get benefit and your curse will be removed—you will get your form back.”

The child god concluded his story, “Just now You have chanted the Holy Name and I have got my form back—You rescued me from the crocodile’s body. You gave me Your mercy, and I am happy. Now with Your permission I would like to go back to my parents.”


You can understand from this story the power of the Holy Name. Always chant the Holy Name, wherever you are—there are no rules or regulation.

You will see what the Holy Name is and that the Name can even remove big-big diseases… Always chant the Holy Name—it is the dharma, the religion of Kali-yuga.