Bhagavatam katha for children


Kids are the future of human society. Creating samskaras or spiritual impression in their minds is to be started from childhood.

Following this instruction of Prahlad Maharaj we created a program to present Srimad Bhagavatam to kids in a very unique way and at the same time very easy for them to understand.

Usually kids are seen as a disturbing element during katha due to insufficient program of engagement for them. But we want to give children a feeling that they are cared for.

Programs for kids that can be performed during the katha in a separate room. This program can be performed during weekend days when children are free from school and other obligations.

Magic show

Magic show illustrating stories from Srimad Bhagavatam

Aratic day

Each children learn to offer incense, lamp, flower. After aratic kirtan is sung by children

Search for Sita day

Children become monkeys ( imitating ), get balloon swords, facepainitng of their faces, cgildren are aking bridge to cross the ocean

Ratha – yatra day

In this program children are cleaning temple, decorating the cart, doing small ratha-yatra procession


There are different spiritual games which we perform with kids such as:

Demons in Vrindavana, imitating animals of Vraja, imitating activities of different avatars, churning the ocean of milk,s teps to Vaikuntha, imitating Krishnas games as a child, Hanuman hops

Following example of Krishna and his great devotees:

In all games children follow example of how Krishna has played with his cowherd friends in the forest of Vrindavana. It is sad that Krishna would play all possible games in creation with his friends…

In the past great devotees of Lord Krishna as children have also played in a bhakti way.
In Srimad Bhagavatam we find how many great devotees of Krishna such as Uddhava and Maharaja Parikshit have started their life playing not as ordinary children but playing with
dolls of Krishna, performing deity worship and performing spiritual festivals even as children.


Krishna eats lunch with his friends RTP, no frame