Vṛtrāsura katha

Topics covered:

SB 6.7: Indra Offends His Spiritual Master, Bṛhaspati.

  • Brihaspati rejects the demigods
  • Indra condemns his own opulence
  • Those who mislead people go to hell
  • The demons declare war against the demigods
  • The demigods approach Vishvarupa
  • Vishvarupa become priest of the demigods
  • Vishvarupa compose a protective prayer


SB 6.8: The Nārāyaṇa-kavaca Shield

  • Explanation of the Vishnu mantra armor
  • Prayer to Vamana and Nrisimhadev
  • Prayers to Hayagriva , Narada and Kurma
  • Prayers to Vyasa, Buddha and Kalki
  • Prayer to Sudarshan chakra
  • Advanced souls see unity in diversity
  • Nārāyaṇa-kavacaprotects one from danger


SB 6.9: Appearance of the Demon Vṛtrāsura

  • Vishvarupa offers obligations to the demons
  • Indra accepts sinful reactions
  • Description ofVṛtrāsura
  • Prayers of the demigods to Narayana
  • The Lord accepts various transcendental bodies
  • Lord hari appears before the demigods
  • All contradictions are reconciled in the Lord
  • Devotees are the real friends of everyone
  • The demigods take shelter at the Lords lotus feet
  • The Lord replies to the demigods
  • A pure devotee is like an expert physician


SB 6.10: The Battle Between the Demigods and Vṛtrāsura

  • The demigods ask Dadhichi for his body
  • The body must be engaged for benefit of others
  • Indra rides off to killVṛtrāsura
  • The demons resist to the armies of Indra
  • Vṛtrāsura addresses the heroes of the demons


SB 6.11: The Transcendental Qualities of Vṛtrāsura

  • Vṛtrāsura rebukes the demigods
  • The demigods trampled byVṛtrāsura
  • Vṛtrāsura condemns Indra
  • Vṛtrāsura desires the mercy of great devotees
  • Material opulences causes anxiety and pride
  • Vṛtrāsura yearns to serve the Lord


SB 6.12: Vṛtrāsura’s Glorious Death

  • Vṛtrāsura attacks Lord Indra
  • Lord Indra is encouraged byVṛtrāsura
  • Everyone dances to the desire of the Lord
  • Indra replies toVṛtrāsura
  • Vṛtrāsura swallows Indra
  • The demigods praise the victory of Indra



SB 6.13: King Indra Afflicted by Sinful Reaction

  • The unhappiness of Indra
  • The demigods reassure Lord Indra
  • Personifies sin chases Indra
  • Indra returns to the heavenly planets
  • The values of hearing this narration